What are the Best Online Job Sites in the Philippines?

Time has changed that people are now preferring jobs that are not on an Eight to Five time basis. The world has come to a generation wherein they become more financially aware to increase their streams of income and not just depend on being a salary person.

Freelancing has become a trend that it further advanced to becoming the main source of each household’s income to sustain their living.

Freelancing was considered more flexible to support the working people as it has less requirements compared to the “real jobs”, as long as you can get the job done regardless of your age, then you will definitely get paid!

When the pandemic hit the world, the workforce was shockingly realigned. Employers have laid off employees to cut costs, offices closed their work stations and sent their workers to do their jobs at home.

Some found this devastating, while some enjoyed how they can manage their time at their own hands.

People resorted to hybrid working, years 2020 up to present made the search for online jobs soar high. Jobs became more available even across countries. 

If you wish to experience doing an online job and don’t know where to start, you are lucky to come across this read!

Read along as we jot down the 6 best online job sites that you might find helpful if you are currently looking for a side hustle or a startup work to build your main financial support and online portfolio:

Top Online Job Sites in the Philippines 2022

Check out the most popular online job sites in the Philippines where you can easily apply for a job without ever leaving your home!


online job sites ph

JobStreet is known by many as one of the very first platforms available online to offer jobs to many and one of the leading employment marketplaces in Asia even before the pandemic happened.

It caters to almost all types of job hunters, from fresh graduates to professionals as it offers more than 30,000 job postings. It made itself more available through its mobile app counterpart which makes searching for a job easier.

To begin with JobStreet, all users are required to create their JobStreet account as well as a JobStreet profile which will serve as your resume so probable employers can view your credentials and match you with a job that will best suit you.

JobStreet’s postings have a wide array of jobs from customer service roles up to the different education sectors.

The search engine of JobStreet is very easy to navigate as you can search by skills, job title, employment type or industry.

You could also input your desired salary amount upfront and JobStreet’s dashboard will direct you to the different job postings that will match your asking salary.

On top of how user-friendly both its website and mobile application are, JobStreet also never fails to update its supplementary reads and articles to help and guide you to a more efficient and effective job hunting!

Still not convinced how Jobstreet can aid you in finding jobs? Experience it yourself by clicking this link: www.jobstreet.com


best online job sites philippines

Along with JobStreet, Kalibrr is another popular online marketplace if you are a job seeker.

They are similar in a sense that you would need to create an account and a profile to make yourself available for the employers’ viewing.

Depending on how you groom your profile, Kalibrr will make suggestions and recommendations as to what kind of jobs are best for you.

This site comes with tests that will help you assess your abilities to strengthen your profile.

The more tests you take, the stronger your profile becomes making it more likely to be viewed and considered by employers!

Application through this site is more straightforward than other sites, you can simply click the “Apply” button in order to send your profile to any employer or to your preferred job.

Ready to take a step towards getting that job you have been eyeing for so long? Visit Kalibrr and click that “Apply” button through this link: www.kalibrr.com


best online job sites philippines 2022

Claims to be the top online employment marketplace in the world, Indeed has millions of visitors and site viewers per month.

Like other employment sites, an account and a profile are required for you to be able to browse the job opportunities.

Ranging from Information Technology job postings up to the service industry, Indeed has a lot to offer.

Just like JobStreet, you may browse and search for jobs by title, location and even salary range. Employers can directly contact you through Indeed’s messaging feature making your application fast and easy!

For your appreciation, you may visit Indeed’s dashboard at www.indeed.com


online job sites ph 2022

LinkedIn is a little different from the three job hunt platform sites mentioned above as it made sure to create a space for its users to collaborate and connect with other users.

It encourages its users to upload significant photos, write their insights through articles and search for other users should they wish to get connected professionally.

LinkedIn houses millions of job opportunities from startup businesses to giant known names such as IKEA, Coca-cola, Volkswagen and Apple.

The fact that these companies trust LinkedIn to search potential candidates for them makes LinkedIn very much reliable in terms of looking for a good job to land whether for a permanent post or not.

Excited to see what the top companies in LinkedIn can offer? Check them out by clicking this link: www.linkedin.com

51 Talk

what are the best online job sites in the philippines

Still studying but wanted to work a side hustle to support yourself? Have a free time in the afternoon to spend to make another stream of income?

You might want to consider creating an account at 51 Talk wherein the only job that you will do is to teach Chinese students the English language.

The requirements of this platform is that you must have a Bachelor’s degree and of course, you must know how to speak the English language preferably in a neutral accent.

51 Talk offers free training to those who want to be one of their teachers to make sure that they pass the primary requirements of building rapport with their students and to comfortably teach the language.

Class sessions range from 25 minutes for an individual student to a good 50 minutes for group classes.

Those who have experienced teaching at 51 Talk can attest as to how generous they pay their online teachers from 200 Php per hour up to 80,000 Php per month depending on the number of hours and number of classes a teacher can conduct.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a 51 Talk English Teacher? Sign up now and start earning through this link: 51 Talk


what are the best online job sites in the philippines 2022

They say online job hunting won’t be complete if you haven’t visited Upwork. Upwork’s dashboard showcases a handful of companies and employers looking for professionals.

Similar to all other platforms, you have to create an account and groom your profile to attract employers.

If you have an impressive set of credentials, employers will definitely be contacting and connecting with you.

Should you happen to be a fresh graduate or if you are one of those who do not have any working experience yet, some employers would require you to do a pitch and convince them why it is worthy to give the job post to you.

The payment scheme at Upwork is also flexible, from an hourly rate to a fixed rate, Upwork can definitely suit your preference and your working style.

One note you should keep in mind is that Upwork openly discloses that it charges a service fee from 5% to 20% depending on your earnings which its admin uses to maintain and improve the technicality of the platform to serve its users well.

Upwork also includes the provision of invoices making payments hassle-free!

Jump into the Upwork world by simply clicking this link: www.upwork.com

If you have reached this part then you now have the choice which platform to use! Final tips in searching for an online job? Remember these 5 points!

Things to Remember Before Applying for a Job Online

Of course, we want you to land on a job that would best fit you, so we gathered all the things that you need to remember before applying for a job on the sites that we have mentioned above.

1. Apply sooner than later. 

Make sure to click that “Apply” button if you come across a job post you like, do not wait for tomorrow or up until the posting is no longer available.

2. Be specific.

In searching for the job you want, you have to utilize those search engines by breaking down your searches to specific keywords such as the job title, the industry you wish to be in, the salary you want to receive and the likes.

3. Update your resume.

Groom your portfolio all you want but make sure that all sets of information included are legit and reliable.

4. Subscribe to Job Alerts.

Utilize the use of your email addresses by agreeing to the platforms’ update blast and letters. In this way, you can keep yourself posted to new jobs being offered.

5. Keep your social media accounts tidy and professional.

Ever wondered if employers are checking you out online? Well, they sure do! So make sure you keep your social media away from unprofessional posts or anything that will be in your way to employment.

Now, you can go up and about getting that online job you want! Go ahead, apply now!

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