13 Printable Anger Management Worksheets for Teens & Adults

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We all get angry from time to time, and that’s alright, because anger is a normal human emotion.

However, do you ever experience any of the following?

  • Get easily annoyed or frustrated by the slightest thing
  • Throw or break things out of frustration
  • Become physically aggressive to others when you’re annoyed or frustrated
  • Say mean or hurtful things to people when you’re annoyed with them

If so, then you most likely have problems dealing with anger.

Anger problems can negatively impact your life in many ways. If left unchecked, they can result in broken relationships and people getting physically hurt.

If you find yourself getting easily angered these days, you are not alone.

Over the past couple of years, it seems thatpeople across the country have gotten angrier. One main factor contributing to the rise of anger levels has been the pandemic, with its numerous regulations and restrictions that have limited our normal way of life.

There are tools to help you deal with your anger. In today’s post, we’ve rounded up the best anger management worksheets to help you:

  • Identify if you have problems dealing with anger
  • Understand what anger is and its various possible causes
  • Recognize the impact of anger on relationships, your behavior, and your physical and mental condition
  • Learn ways of managing and/or overcoming your anger

Please note that most of these resources are designed to help people understand a possible issue in their behavior.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by anger problems, we highly recommend consulting with a certified clinician to receive a proper diagnosis, intervention, and/or treatment.

What You Will Learn

1. Anger Type and Intensity Scale

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viaSteps For Change

Over the course of our lives, we experience different types of anger, as well as varying intensities of each type.

However, some people have difficulty identifying what type of anger they feel. They may also have difficulty keeping their anger in check.

If you have longstanding anger about a particular issue, this worksheet can help you begin moving on and healing.

It helps you identify the former intensity of your anger and compare it with how intense it is at present. This worksheet also helps you pinpoint the specific type of anger you’re feeling.

2. Anger Management Workbook

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viaMindMentality on Etsy

This workbook provides all the resources you need to understand and cope with anger.

It consists of several worksheets that allow you to identify the source(s) of your anger, uncover the underlying emotions accompanying your anger, and create an action plan to help you express anger in a healthier way.

The following are some of the worksheets you’ll find in this set:

  • Anger diary
  • Collusion cycle worksheet
  • Symptoms of stress worksheet
  • Realms of control handout
  • Alternative action plan worksheets

3. My Anger Work Through Book

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This workbook consists of 20 pages of resources specifically designed to help guide teenagers in understanding their anger.

Each page contains an engaging activity that helps teens explore their anger, understand the impact of misdirected and out-of-control anger, and identify symptoms and triggers of anger.

The workbook is also a valuable resource to help teens learn the impact of anger on their physical and mental health, relationships, and behavior.

If you’re looking for age-appropriate resources on healthy and effective coping skills for anger, this workbook is worth your consideration.

4. Adult Anger Management Skills Worksheet

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When some people are in the throes of heated anger, the way they express it can be destructive, not only to themselves but also to the people around them.

It is important to learn how to cope with anger and manage it in the moment. This worksheet provides helpful reminders of how to diffuse your anger while currently experiencing it.

In addition, it features some exercises you can do to prevent angry outbursts in the future.

5. Express Your Anger Worksheet

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viaLove To Know

This worksheet helps release tension from otherwise aggravating situations. It contains writing prompts to help explore your anger and channel it in healthy, positive ways.

6. Keeping My Cool

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viaWorksheet Place

Contracts are useful foraccountability.

In this case, teens learn to be accountable for their anger.

This worksheet helps teens make a commitment to keep their anger in check. Have them sign it and assign a witness oraccountability partner to help them overcome their anger problems.

7. The Anger & Aggression Workbook

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viaWhole Person

This workbook teaches professionals how to help those who have anger management issues understand the impact of anger in their lives, provide insight, and teach strategies for anger management.

It has 122 pages, with five sections providing in-depth information about anger, including:

  • History
  • Intensity
  • Triggers
  • Expression
  • Consequences

This workbook can also be used by individuals looking for a self-directed approach to anger management.

8. Anger Iceberg

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viaPsychotherapyToolbox on Etsy

Often a combination of different emotions and situations contribute to create anger, such as jealousy, grief, being overwhelmed, feelings of inadequacy,stress, etc.

This worksheet presents anger as just the tip of the iceberg. Under the surface are other emotions that are the cause of the anger.

The bottom of the iceberg contains enough space for you to write down all the emotions that contribute to the feeling of anger you may have.

9. Anger Management Skills

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viaTherapist Aid

This worksheet is your guide to techniques used by people in therapy for managing or stopping an angry outburst.

Some of the skills and techniques in this list include:

  • Learning to recognize anger
  • Taking a time out
  • Expressing anger
  • Thinking about consequences

10. Advice From a Volcano on Anger

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viaColorfulTherapyTools on Etsy

This resource gives you an opportunity to identify the underlying emotions causing your anger so you can better cope with it and express it in a healthy way.

The worksheet set consists of three coloring pages. A colored-in sample is shown above. This worksheet set makes it easier to identify the actual emotions that are triggering your anger.

11. Worksheet for Anger Management

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viaMental Health Worksheets

When anger is uncontrollable, it can affect all areas of your life, as well as the lives of those who care about you. This worksheet is designed to help you learn effective skills to better manage your anger for a calmer, more stable life.

12. Moodjuice Anger Self-Help Guide

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viaMcGill Student Wellness Hub

This wellness guide is designed to equip teens and young adults with strategies for coping and overcoming anger.

It contains 28 pages of activities designed to help you gain a deeper understanding about the anger issues you may have.

Some of the techniques for overcoming anger found in this guide include:

13. Self-Help Guide to Controlling Anger

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This booklet helps users identify if they’re experiencing anger problems. If so, it provides strategies for overcoming them. It has 24 pages, divided into two main sections:

  • Section 1: Understanding Anger and Its Causes
  • Section 2: Controlling Anger

The sections contain vital information adults need to help them understand what anger is and to find ways to manage and overcome anger problems.

Final Thoughts on Anger Management Worksheets

Anger is a normal human emotion.

However, some people have difficulty expressing their anger in healthy ways. It can sometimes get to the point where they need help in coping with anger and overcoming their anger problems.

The worksheets featured in this post are helpful tools for identifying if one has anger problems, as well as for understanding what anger is all about.

These worksheets provide information that can pave the way to a healthy, peaceful, and balanced life.

The following posts offer tips and strategies for letting go of anger. You might want to check them out:

anger management worksheets | anger management worksheets for teens | anger management worksheets for adults

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