How to Find Alaska USA FCU Routing Number

Banks use routing numbers, also known as ABA numbers or transit numbers, to identify other financial institutions. When completing some financial chores, such as signing up for automated bill pay, setting for direct deposit through your work, or sending or receiving wire transfers, you’ll need to know your bank’s routing number.

What Is the Alaska USA Federal Credit Union Routing Number?

Alaska USA Federal Credit Union ranks among the top ten credit unions in terms of membership. This applies to all 50 states in the United States of America. In total, they have over 600,000 members.

Transferring payments or verifying your account requires the Alaska USA routing number. That’s why It is understandable that consumers would search for their Alaska USA routing number. Now, let’s figure out what information you’ll require.

What is an Alaska USA Routing Number?

Alaska USA routing number is the same routing number that banks and credit unions use. It is a nine-digit number that you can easily decipher if you know how to do it.

StatesRouting Number
Alaska, Arizona, California and Washington325272021

Where Can You Find Your Alaska USA FCU Routing Number?

We offer an easy method for those of you who want to figure out their Alaska USA routing number. You can use routing numbers in the same way as other financial organizations that employ routing numbers.

There are three elements to the Alaska USA routing number. The sooner you recognize these components, the easier it will be to comprehend the numbers that make it up.

Routing Number Parts

The first step is to find the location of the bank or credit union. And which Federal Reserve Bank branch will be processed. It’s made up of the first four digits of the code.

The first two digits denote the 12 states where your bank or account was established. The third and fourth digits indicate which Federal Reserve Bank will handle your account and financial transactions.

The next four numbers reflect the code number for the bank’s name. This one is only for usage by Federal Reserve Banks.

The Check Digit

The last single digit is the validating number. It is used to check the entire routing number. The “Check Digit” is the name for the number. The Alaska USA routing number, like any other bank routing number, has no significance or purpose without it.

Alaska USA Routing Contact Support

If you require more assistance not addressed here, please contact the Alaska USA Federal Credit Union service department at: (907) 563-4567 or (800) 525-9094

If you’re not comfortable with social situations, you can go to the official website of the Alaska USA Federal Credit Union.

Electronic Account Number Calculator

For electronic transfers of funds from and to your Alaska USA account, you’ll need an electronic account number.

Alaska USA Federal Credit Union Electronic Account Number


You’ll need Alaska USA routing number and your electronic account number to receive a direct deposit or make an electronic payment. Your checking account’s account number is also utilized when ordering checks.

Executive Summary

You can find Alaska USA routing number on their official website. For Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, and E-transfer, this is the default routing number. Make a mental note of the numbers from the preceding article for future reference.

This is all of the information we think you’ll find valuable as an Alaska USA Federal Credit Union account holder. We tried to collect as much information as possible from both online and offline sources. Make wire transfers and bank transfers in domestic and international money transactions through international banks using your routing number.

Please let us know if you think we left something out in the comments area below. Any relevant and accurate information you can provide to this post will be much appreciated.

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