11 Vision Board Ideas & Examples for Athletes

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Looking for a way to improve your athletic performance?

You might want to use a vision board for athletes to achieve this goal.

Usually, a vision board is a collage of images and words mounted on a stiff poster board. It serves as a visual representation of your goals.

In sports, vision boards are a powerful mental tool that helps athletes improve their performance and stand out in competitions.

The technique of using visualization to achieve the best possible outcome during sports competitions is the same strategy that makes vision boards effective.

It is so effective that even entrepreneurs have embraced visualization as a goal-setting tool.

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What You Will Learn

What Are the Benefits of a Vision Board for Athletes?

The following are some of the benefits of using a vision board for achieving goals as an athlete:

  • Enhances your focus
  • Creates a sense of inner peace and control, even during high-pressure situations
  • Heightens self-confidence
  • Increases your chance of success during competitions

A Daily Success Habit

So you have your vision board. What now?

We recommend you commit a few minutes each day to gaze at it and visualize yourself achieving your goals.

Imagine how it will feel when you’ve accomplished your goal. Focus on that for a few minutes every day.

During this time, you can put on some relaxing music, light a candle, and have a cup of your favorite hot drink.

Make this your new daily success habit.

While you’re visualizing, you are training your brain to be receptive and alert to situations and people that can contribute to the fulfillment of your goals.

Today, we have a collection of vision boardsthat we want to share with you. These are some of the best examples when it comes to creating an athlete’s vision board.

Let’s dive in.

1. Born to Run

sports vision board | examples of a vision board for students | how to make a fitness vision board

viaWell Journ

Our first example is a runner’s vision board. This is a collage featuring empowering images and motivational phrases related to overcoming challenges.

A good vision board doesn’t only serve as a visualization tool. It is also a personal cheering section for its owner, especially duringtough times.

Pro Tip: Choose powerful phrases to place on your vision board, which will become your source of daily inspiration.

2. Practice Like a Champion

what to do with my vision board | vision board template | vision board ideas

viaInstitute of Sports Science and Technology

This digital vision board features a person’s goal to be in the Olympics, as well as to find happiness in other aspects of their lives.

These days, many people prefer to create digital vision boards for their convenience and portability. After all, a poster-sized board is pretty difficult to travel with!

There are a number of online vision board apps and sites for users to create eye-catching and meaningful boards. Check out the top12 Online Vision Boards Apps and Websites you can visit today.

3. Everything Starts with a Dream

vision board for athletes ideas | vision board for athletes examples | vision board for athletes

viaStick It Girl

The owner of this vision board used her pictures as a motivation to reach her goals as a gymnast.

She then decorated the board with stickers, glitter paper, and other embellishments that resonated with her.

You can do the same with your own board. Choosevision board supplies and decorations that you feel will inspire you to reach your goals.

4. Practice Makes Progress

what is a vision board for students | examples of a vision board for students | how to make a fitness vision board

viaRunner’s World

This is another example of how you can create a board dedicated to your goals as an athlete.

Pro tip: Don’t be afraid of empty spaces. Some people rush to cover all the empty spaces in their vision boards, but there’s no need to do so. They represent the period ofgrowth you undergo as you get closer to achieving your goals.

5. The Game

pinterest vision boards | visualization for athletes | famous athletes that use sports psychology

viaEnglish 8 EP – Williams

You’re never too young or too old to make a vision board. This example is from an 8th grade student in an English class.

There’s a sense of excitement, hope, and longing, not only for athletic achievements, but also for a balanced, healthy life.

6. Goals of the Athletics Team

vision board for athletes | best vision board for athletes | top vision board for athletes

viaSo Swift Athletics

Here’s another example of a digitally created vision board. It consists largely of images, providing a rich source of material that the mind can use for visualizing positive outcomes.

7. Visualize and Eat

basketball vision board | athlete vision board | famous athletes that uses vision boards

viaKaren Bell

Looking for a unique vision board idea?

Why not make a vision board placemat? This way, you’ll be regularly reminded of your goals during mealtimes.

8. Being Fit Again

how to make a vision board | vision board ideas and templates | vision boards

viaThe Chic Life

This vision board is an example of how you can be portable without going digital.

As mentioned earlier, most physical vision boards use a poster-sized board or similar material for the backing. Considering that the finished product is usually huge, it is typically placed in a permanent spot in the owner’s room.

However, you can choose to create a mini vision board using a piece of letter-sized colored paper that you can easily slip into a binder and bring with you anywhere.

9. Start to Be Great

vision board ideas for athletes | what to put on the vision board | what to include vision board

viaJay Li on Art Station

This vision board reflects the owner’s dream of becoming a basketball player.

The imagery and words featured on a vision board can provide motivation to keep pursuing your goal, especially during difficult moments.

It is a source of inspiration that imbues strength and confidence in its owner whenever they encounter setbacks on the way to their goals.

10. Ice Vision Board

basketball vision board | fitness vision board | athlete vision board


This example features cutouts and stickers that represent the goals of a figure skater. It also contains handwritten words that add a personalized touch to the vision board.

11. Dramatic Skills

vision board for athletes maker | vision board for athletes | vision board for athletes pinterest

viaJoanne Dewberry

Finally, we have this example of a vision board created by a dancer. It represents her highest aspirations for her vocation.

When it comes to the pursuit of our goals, the caption found in this vision board is quite fitting: “Adventure awaits.

Final Thoughts on Vision Board for Athletes

A vision board can be a powerful tool for athletics. It provides support to those who want to excel in their athletic performance or win a competition.

Remember, a vision board works best if you’re willing to commit to daily visualization andkeep on practicing until you’ve achieved mastery in your craft.

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s collection of vision board examples.

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Finally, if you don’t know how to get started with this strategy, then check out this FREE printable worksheet and a six-step process that will help you create the PERFECT vision board.

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