7 Vision Board Examples to Inspire Nursing Students

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Looking for inspiring vision boards designed for nursing students?

Today’s post has you covered, as we’ve compiled some of the best examples of vision boards for nursing students.

If you’re studying to be a nurse, we commend your choice in vocation

To become a nurse means taking four or more years of part- or full-time study in order to get your degree. The study load can be intense.

Furthermore, on-the-job training puts you in high-stress situations where you often need to be an anchor of stability for patients at their lowest points, as well as for other members of your team.

Sometimes, the pressure gets to be too much. You might even start questioning why you’re studying to be a nurse at all.

This is why it’s a good idea to have a constant reminder of why you’ve chosen this academic path in the first place.

A vision board can serve as that reminder.

What You Will Learn

Super Quick Definition of a Vision Board

Briefly, a nursing student vision board is a visualization tool that represents your goals or dreams in relation to becoming a nurse.

It can consist of both images and words set up on a poster-sized board and placed in a prominent area.

By visualizing the fulfillment of your goals on a daily basis, you’re well on your way to accomplishing them.

The Benefits of a Vision Board for Nursing Students

Aside from reminding you of the reasons you’re studying to be a nurse and helping you realize your goals more quickly, here are some of the other benefits of using a vision board:

  •       Clarifies why you want to be a nurse. Do you want to help others? Are you here because you can be a source of comfort for others during stressful times? Perhaps these are the reasons you were drawn to nursing in the first place. A vision board can remind you of that.
  •       Motivates you to do your best. A vision board can inspire you to do your best in class and in clinical training. It can also serve as your own personal cheering section during rough days.
  •       Makes you productive. A vision board clarifies what you truly want. It also becomes a roadmap to help you get to where you want to go in terms of personal goals.

We hope that the following examples we’ve rounded up for this collection will help you realize that vision boards are a great way to help deal with the challenging aspects of being a nursing student.

Read on and see what we’ve got for you.

1. I Love This Job

bachelor of science in nursing | nursing vision board ideas | nursing vision statement examples

via Love More Live Blessed

This vision board has several elements that serve to inspire its owner.

First, the heading of this board says, “I Passed!” This provides hope and optimism whenever the nursing student looks at it and visualizes their success.

Second, it contains several affirmations about their reason for choosing to become a nurse (e.g., they love helping people).

2. Save Lives

nursing vision board ideas | vision-board-nursing | nursing vision statement examples

via Pinterest

Having a hard time with your studies? If you’re looking for an example that inspires you, here’s one of the best we’ve found. It features several encouraging quotes interspersed with images that depict the best of the nursing profession.

3. Improve Patient Outcomes

nursing quotes | nursing vision board ideas | nursing vision statement examples

via Ana Clarissa Mcinerney

Here’s an example of a vision board that helps nursing students focus on some of the reasons for choosing this vocation. It provides inspiring quotes that can be applied to many situations in both school and hospital settings.

4. Nurse

vision board for nursing students | bachelor of science in nursing | bs nursing

via acklespn on Pinterest

This mood board provides a visual representation of what being a nurse is all about. If you’re considering creating a board like this, there are awesomevision board apps and websites that can help you achieve this particular aesthetic.

5. Not All Heroes Wear Capes

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This vision board example features several sticker cutouts arranged on a stiff board. Another advantage of using a vision board for your goals is that it can unleash your creativity. You’ll discover that there are many resources available that you can use when creating your board, including stickers, realia, and printables.

[Check out some free vision board printables found in this post.]

6. School Is Tough, But So Are You

vision board for nursing students | nursing vision board ideas | nursing vision statement examples

via Pinterest

It’s no secret that being in a nursing school program can be very challenging. In pandemic times, it has become even more challenging.

Nevertheless, it can also be exhilarating and extremely rewarding.

This vision board provides the encouragement a student needs to stay focused on their dream of becoming a nurse.

It is filled withmotivational quotes about not giving up, as well as images that depict strength and courage, and symbols from the medical/nursing profession.

7. Actually, I Can

nursing quotes | pinterest | bs nursing

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With its charming stickers and artsy quotes, this vision board is not only cute, but also full of encouraging words that empower its owner to overcome the hurdles of nursing school.

A vision board like this can help a nursing student achieve their ultimate goal of graduating from school and becoming a full-fledged nurse.

Final Thoughts

Nursing school can be very challenging. The pressure one has to deal with can make even the toughest student question their reasons for enrolling in the first place.

Fortunately, a vision board for nursing students can be a lifesaver. It provides a visual reminder of why someone would go through the arduous process of becoming a nurse in the first place.

A vision board can also be a wonderfully creative way to achieve your goals.

We hope that the examples featured here can inspire you as you create your own vision board.

Meanwhile, here are some other vision board examples and resources you can browse through for more inspiration:

vision board for nursing students | nursing vision board ideas | nursing vision statement examples

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